Warning!!!! Someone wants you to know



This is my second time seeing this same warning on my daily commute. One was at 6 in the morning back in March, now Today. Is this really a sign? 

I did some googling serious research and found out that Prophet Love stands at metro Atlanta intersections six-days-a-week asking passersby to repent. The 82-year-old Southwest Atlantan wears a purple suit and carries a sign with his phone number. Love stand at the red light on the side of the road, sometimes no more than a foot between your car and tractor trailers yelling in your window things like….On what the voice of God sounds like: “He speaks in English.” Its a low-tone voice.

When questioned about his quest, Love replied…“I’ve been to some dangerous places. Atlanta’s a wicked city. And not only Atlanta. Every city I go to. They’re full of evil, wickedness, corruption. The majority of church folk here have a worldly mind. And the word of God said learn not of the world.”

“You know that storm that came through about two weeks ago. God sets his footsteps upon the sea, and he rides upon very stone. And God is coming back to Atlanta. And when God comes back to Atlanta, it’s not going to be glass that falls. It’s going to be hundreds and hundreds of people who lose their lives. They better be ready. You need to get the word out. God is coming back to Atlanta. And I’m telling you, he’s going to tear it up. Sin is to blame. Sin is to blame. These folks don’t love God. Most churchfolk don’t know God.”

“I don’t use my real name. The reason I use Prophet Love is because that’s what God told me to use. I use what God told me to use. But in other words, I’ll tell you what. Uh, most people are gonna burn in hell. Most churchfolk are gonna burn in hell.”

Some Warning! Make sure you secure your doors when you see this fool!

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