Looking to Buy your First Home? Tips YOU SHOULD TO KNOW




First, never pay someone for a job you can do yourself. [Such as, information on the Internet.] If you choose to do business with a company, do all your homework! Don’t just listen to radio or TV advertisements [Google they ass!] Make sure to read their requirements and services provided in its entirety. For example, a few companies may advertise down-payment programs but after you sign the dotted line, they do the opposite.

​Second, check your company to see if they’re a rip-off @ https://www.ripoffreport.com NHBA… is not the company to do business with! I repeat…. National Home Buyers Alliance is the Biggest Fraud in America. Don’t be a Victim!

​And third, take your time. The biggest mistake you can make is rushing to buying a Home with a loan shark. Credit Union is a good source to start.

Good Luck!

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