The real reason why he don’t kick it with you like that

a10dd0_218a5c30ff68a082348dd154408fe162.jpg_srz_290_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzEver wondered why the man you love don’t show you the same feelings?

It’s because…. you never fight fair. You love treating him like a child. You involve other people in your relationship. You don’t show appreciation for thing he does right. You withhold sex as punishment.


You try to change him all the time. You make important decisions without his input. You don’t give him the chance to be the kind of dad he wants to be. You act jealous when he looks at other women. You expect immediate forgiveness after you apologize for your fucked up attitude.

But Leave it up to you, you don’t believe this is true. Try getting a Life!


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