Morning Inspiration



If you have a friend, co-worker, lover, sister, brother, cousin hating on your blessing and mistreating you, don’t feel bad. You’re not the only one! Here’s how you get them back!Show no pain. A jerk is a predatory creature. Just as wolves can sense fear, a jerk looks for signs of weakness that they can exploit. In childhood, a bully who teases someone will do it to get a reaction. The state of an adolescent jerk is more advanced. They do it to feel superior.

Be as confident as possible. A Hater puts people down to feel superior, or just to use them for personal gain. If you still act superior, you are depriving a asshole of what makes them jerks: the feeling that someone has been beat-down and is inferior.

Grow to thrive off of their hate. This is the hardest step. Find a quiet spot and some spare time and focus on reversing your mind. Get yourself to believe that they are jealous of you. If you are jealous of them, don’t be. Make sure you know that your life is superior to theirs.

Remember a hater gon’ all ways be a MF hater, so look past that shit and go do what makes you truly happy.

I dedicate this song to all your haters!

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