Fan Mail: Do you really know how to cook?

rawLol… I laughed when i saw this in my inbox. What do you think, should a modern day wife need to know how to cook?

Before this thread possibly gets deleted or you post an angry reply, I realize not all men are like this. Many men do help out with chores, etc. But I still see quite a few posts from men on here who “want a woman who cooks and cleans” above all else. ¬†Why do so many men want us to be good cleaners/cooks? What if we’re not? What if we grew up on microwaves (like I did) and we’re not that handy in the kitchen? Does it truly lower a woman’s worth if she doesn’t want to cook and clean for you?


Somewhere in life she think this is cute, but it’s no! Keep playing around and you’ll be single for life!





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