Love Lost in Love&HipHop: Rasheeda is Divorcing Kirk

rasheeda-kirk-sfta-300x300Damn reality TV just got real! I received a interesting message in my inbox this morning from my sources informing me that Atlanta Rapper Rasheeda and Kirk are heading for splitsville. Word is Kirks is rumored to fooling around with a popular Atlanta model named Alexis Miller. If you don’t know who she is… google that shit. Plus Rasheed and Kirk has not seen or spoken in weeks.

My sources continue to say Rasheeda got the word that Kirk and Alexis were creeping and she cut him off. I’m told that the Rasheeda who pregnant with Kirk’s child, put his ass out their house, changed the locks and hired a lawyer. Calls made to Rasheeda’s camp and they vairfied that this is not a joke, plus she plans to release a Diss track called “Musty Bitch!” before the summer.

Here’s what Alexis Miller look like…



Rasheeda and Kirk has been together and married for years and if would be a shame that Kirk would allow a side chick to fuck-up their happy home. Alexis is also link to being Sshaquille O’neal jumpoff back in the day and there is no telling how many times she’s been passed around.

Stay tuned…. will keep you posted with additional info as soon as we receive it.

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