Fan Mail: Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy


The Fan writes:

I’m always the nice guy who takes her out, buy her things and go out of my way for her. However, she doesn’t do the same. She does it once in awhile.

The thing is:
-She never wants to give sex
-Hates Foreplay
-We go on dates. I say dutch. She hisses.
-she is not affectionate.

I am so pissed my girl is just always a fucking self centered bitch all the time. Like when I’m pissed she don’t even care. Like today for instance I called her in the morning right before she got up for work because I wanted to communicate with her and see what was on for the night and see if she wanted to hang out and plan some stuff. She says she didn’t have time to talk at the moment and she would call me back right before she left for work. I just wanted two minutes of “hey you want to that tonight..or this? do you want to hang with me?” and she wouldn’t give me that she never called me back before she left. This pissed me off a great deal because then I can’t communicate with her till 3:30 and then she calls me after work for like a minute and then she said she had to talk to her mom and that she would call me back…a whole hour later she still hadn’t called me so i called her and was pretty much like what the hell were you going to call me back? SHE WAS ON THE COMPUTER writing a paper. Why the hell wouldn’t she call me back before that? like i know that shes probably stressed with homework and stuff but really my thinking is that if she really loved me she would call me back anyways and plan are night or tell me if she wants to hang out with me. I don’t know she does a lot of things like this that just is heartless and mean. Anyway is there a way to make my girlfriend be considerate and stop being a bitch? I need some good advice.


You should move on. The longer you stay the more you’ll be ready to bash her head in because she’s a no good bitch who thinks her pussy don’t smell. Plus she fucking someone else. Tell that hoe to kick rocks! Punch her in the neck!¬†Convert to Islam and tell her to STFU.

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