Who is Sabrina Peterson?


I am not sure if the rumor is true so I don’t want to throw out the persons name if it isnt true but It is my understanding that she messed with him. It is said that he helped her finance the salon. I am not 100% sure of who but smart chick indeed. At least she was smart enough to get someone to finance her a business that will take care of her future instead of screwing for trendy bags and shoes that she will not want to wear next season.

Just because she was a stripper doesn’t necessairly make her a hoe or a home wrecker… Sabrina is a super cool chick, go ask her how she got the salon. She is an open book, not fake or phony. Plus her relationship from all I’ve seen, she’s #1. They live together in a condo in one of the new high-rise buildings in downtown Atl. He loves Sabrina & has her back in all her ventures.. Isn’t that what every woman wants? A supportive man in their life!?!?! Her past is just that.. Past. I think it’s awesome how she left the trap & created her own brand.
(Bird, and Jail Bird)

Today, rumoer has it that this once Dime Piece, now Bird, let K. Whatshername eat the box. And after fooling with that crazy bitch, she let K. let get the best of her pulling her into some bullshit that got her landed in Jail. Isn’t she about to get a reality show for GlamBar? NO. The Glambar is a front for drug activity, Sabrina also was involved in a stolen car ring, in which several high end vehicles were stolen and sold on the black market to several ATL Ghetto Super Stars. Which is how Sabrina received a Maserati. Ask Phaedra.

I’m also told she leaves her 9 month old child with random people while she skip town. That’s what the fight was about. [see related article] It is said that she’s a horrible business woman when it comes to selling her hair. She’s a fraud who make excuses on why she can’t take care of HER customers. Walk=ins say they will NEVER EVER suggest anyone spend their hard earned money on her hair because you will never recieve it. “She’s a Fake ass business woman,” said a customer.


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