Now this is what I call a video. Major Lazer new video- Bubble Butt is very entertaining. Other artist such as 2chainz, Bruno Mars, Mystic and Tyga are ft. on this track. Check out the video inside.

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Putting you up on Game: How to Compete with Hoes

I know you’re like “ain’t nobody got time for that!” but if you have time to read our blog you have time for us to put you up game. I’m sick of you broke-down tired birds running around man because you can’t get or keep a man attention long enough before some Hoe come marching in and run off with the dude you was so in love with. got your solutions inside. Continue reading

When Will He Make You His Girlfriend?

Why is it so difficult for a woman to get a man to commit? Are men really that picky, that indecisive, that complex that we can’t be locked down? Hell no. The problem is that some women have become so accommodating and submissive to the guys they’re in lust with that they give them the girlfriend experience for free. It’s ironic, females hold all  power and will turn down ten niggas in a row who aren’t their type, but when a guy is her type, she gives up her power and melts in his hand. Continue reading

Real Husbands of Hollywood Episode 11 (Reunion Special)

At first I wasn’t feeling the scripted comedy “Real Husbands of Hollywood” but after watching the reunion special on some fly by night ish, the show so very entertaining. If you’re working late with nothing better to do you should check out the video inside.

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Love&HipHop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 6

I tell ya’ something ain’t right about that girl K.Whatshername. She on that bullshit again and think she can get away with it. In Love&Hiphop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 6 Mimi was invited by her new boyfriend to be the Main Girl in his new video and once K.Whatshername found out that some dude was in the video she started with gossip. You know her favorite line, “He Gay!”

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Drake’s Dad Leaks ‘Nothing’ Tracklisting on Twitter

Word is Drake pops leak his up coming album track list on Twitter earlier today, but know the entertainment business this shit probably was planned. You just never know when it comes to entertainer these days. They will do what they have to do to keep you interested. Like making ugly ass cloths, Kissing another man, leaking naked photos or even faking their own death. Continue reading

Memphis Mass Band – Baby Come To Me

Memphis Mass Band is a high school marching band that will compete on a college level. I was entertaining a friend when I taught back a few years and had to show them the clips of Memphis Mass Band waxing that ass! Continue reading


I special friend drop by and had to retweet their experience! I had to laugh because right when you thought the struggle was real, the traffic came pouring in. If you’re sitting there looking crazy and wondering what is your dumb ass need to read [related articles].

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Are you Lonely?


Stop asking God why you’re longly because the answer is right in front of you! You’re longly because you think you’re God’s gift to the world and everyone you meet owe you shit. News flash bitch, you better think again! Continue reading