Fan Mail: Beyonce’s Tour Demands


Fan writes:

Hey Check out this list of demands your girl wants.

Bey requires $900 worth of titanium drinking straws “which will be used to drink a special alkaline water that’s served at exactly 21 degrees.”

Beyoncé also requires that her dressing room walls be painted off-white, and that a new toilet seat is brought in at each venue. And next to the toilet? Red toilet paper – something we didn’t even know existed until now.

A hand-carved ice ball is to be presented to her at the end of every concert for her to suck on to protect her vocal chords.
All of the concert crew’s clothing has to to be made of 100 percent cotton, and only 100 percent cotton.

If any of those stagehands were hoping to get some Cheetos during the performance, they are out of luck. Beyoncé reportedly banned all junk food backstage, only allowing green vegetables, oatcakes and plates of almonds served in glass platters.



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