255 Tapas Lounge review

255 Tapas Lounge

I watch the fight this past weekend over at 255 Tapas Lounge and must tell you it was highway robbery.

If you never heard of 255 Tapas Lounge before it located off of 255 Peter Street. Atlanta, GA. This is a local Black Hollywood hangout where the Fake act Famous. My review is important because I laughed how there was a $15 cover [which was cool with me], but a $50 minimum per person to sit down in that smelly mother fucker [???].

It took forever to receive drink orders, and the Jose Cuervo girls where being PIMPED by a  n old liking lady rocking a herringbone in 2013 😦

A BG2 Fan writes,

255 is DEFINITELY a “hit or miss” and a majority MISS! I’ve been a faithful BG2.com user and decided to dedicate my very first review to this mediocre establishment.

I’m going to get straight to the point and say the customer service from the bartenders, to the waitresses and even the group of ladies that conjugate by the entrance (by the cash register) is terrible. It’s not inviting… When you first walk in its confusing because as a customer you don’t know whether to seat yourself or wait to be served??? These waitresses will literally walk right pass you or stare at you like there’s a problem. Seating is also limited so I wouldn’t suggest coming in a large group. I can distinctly tell the difference between the 255 regulars and the newbies from the interaction between the 255 staff.

Nothing special about the food or drinks… point blank period. Just taste like regular appetizers. I use to be crazy about the Garlic Parmesan Fries until I ordered them a couple more times and my cheese wasn’t melted. Hated the frozen daiquiri tasted like pure alcohol that it even melted quickly. Bob Marley also tasted like pure alcohol. The kitchen is very tiny, the size of a closet with like 3 cooks cramped in there. How do I know? Because the kitchen door was wide open and I couldn’t help but stare at one of the cooks who kept wiping his gloved hand against his pants to clean the food residue. It was sickening. Also for the kitchen to be exposed I couldn’t smell any food.

PARKING is a joke!

So I strongly suggest you think twice before considering 255 Tapas Lounge. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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