SUE: 10 years of service


Can you see yourself working at Waffle House for more than a year? Well meet Sue, Waffle House sales associate for more than 10 years. She took thousands food order with a smile. Do she have benefits? What is her pay rate?

Waffle House Grill Operator Salary $7.90/hr and Sue been working at that bitch over 10 years 😦 for $4.00/hr plus tips. No Ma’am!

My point to this story is not to degrade Sue because I don’t no Sue personally, but to encourage You to progress in life. Sue should be Unit Manager of Waffle House by now. And you should be more than just a Fast Food, Security Guard, Foot Locker, Gas Station, Warehouse associate unless you own that mother fucker! 

We have to do better people…. I’m just saying.


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