Mister Cee, LL Cool J, Chris Bosh and more about to be exposed!


Mister Cee, LL Cool J, Chris Bosh and  more Celebs are about to be exposed! BG2.com got word that a Tranny is spilling the beans on a few Celebs. I tell ya’ every time I turn around there is someone claiming somebody is gay.Toni Newman [google them] gives details about her sexual encounters as a street prostitute who once provided services to celebrities such as LL Cool Jand Mister Cee along with her personal knowledge of Eddie Murphy‘s interest in male sex professional dressed as the opposite sex.

In this exclusive interview with Datzhott.com, Toni not only shares information about the aftermath  in exposing the celebs who she sexually dealt with  but she also comes forth with new details about other celebrities who are living life on the down-low. Some of may or may not be surprised by the information that she shares.
Someone check the video out and let us know what’s the deal. I have another blogs to write. lol


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