Future and Ciara on blast!


Future gets put on blast on The Breakfast Club Power 105.1…. Ciara may have jeopardize Future’s gig in Vegas…

Portion of the interview:  Cliff and  Kiki explains the situation….

“I paid him 75% upfront. I gave him $36,625 up front,” Cliff said.
“When he landed, he wanted two SUVs. I didn’t get the plane landing time until 9:45pm the night before and by then the SUVs were all sold out with the limousine company that I use. Since they didn’t have any SUVs they gave me the superstretch truck. Well, the tour manager called and said Ciara didn’t want to get in the car with the special guest they had with them. So I sent another stretch limousine, which was a Lincoln.When they saw the limousine Future wouldn’t get in the car. So they sent off the Lincoln and got in the super stretch,” he continued.

SMH… We have to do better people.

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