Signs and Symptoms of a Crazy Bitch!


Word is she live here in Atlanta and she like to make her move on guys she know is out of her lead. She likes to follow her prey until the perfect time to fuck up his life. She hates Beyonce because all the men rave about her. But don’t let her fool you, that bitch sings all Bey songs. Last I heard she was between her 6th job in two years. The last men she was with left her because she threw a TV remote at his head. Needless to say, she had a background check on dude entire family without his knowledge. How do I know all this you ask?

Because she told me! I can not count how many times my phone rings and I’m amazed at what she do next. I’ve known this chick for years now and she got mad because I wouldn’t give her any play and that’s when the rumors started. ¬†Fellas rule number UNO Keep these bitches out your business! You have to stand your ground and let her ass know, Who’s Boss!

Never tell her your every move.

Keep space between the relationship

Have your own shit (Car, money, house, job)

Check that Bitch as needed.

If she don’t respect you, Drop that hoe!

Stay tune… there’s more to this conversation.

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