Keyshia Cole is at it again!


On Saturday R&B artist Keyshia Cole was scheduled to perform at the Greenville Convention Center. Fans lined up hours before the concert, only to be turned away an hour after the concert was supposed to start. The promoter of a canceled concert said fans can get their refunds by bringing their tickets to the Greenville Convention Center starting Monday after 1 p.m.; but he never showed up.

On Sunday, 9 On Your Side talked to the event promoter, Lorenzo Ferguson, to find out what happened. Ferguson said he worked with Cole before and never had problem, and said the cancellation only hurt are the fans. “She walked in she saw the stage. She complained about the building and she say she wasn’t going to perform. We did everything we could to accommodate what she was looking for and what she needed, but she basically said she wasn’t going to perform because it wasn’t adequate enough for her. I just hope at the city understands that this is definitely a situation, where I did everything possible to make this deal happen,” said Ferguson. According to Keyshia Cole’s Twitter, she said the stage wasn’t stable enough to perform so she canceled. The artist also apologized. There were some questions about whether singer Chrisette Michele was scheduled to open up for Cole. 9 On Your Side learned from her mother and manger Linette Payne, that was not true. “We did not receive a payment, we didn’t receive a contract, we didn’t’ receive an offer at all from the situation. For him to stand there and walk way with money is ridiculous,” said Payne.


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