Meet Caroline Jhingory


Within one year Caroline Jhingory lost 150lbs and managed to keep it off for good. No gastric bypass surgery, or quick gimmicks helped her lose the weight. It was pure drive from within. Now author of the book “Half my size; How I Ate To Lose 150lbs,” Caroline wants to inspire and help many others to lose the weight and gain confidence again, especially women of color.

Over 10 years ago, she weighed in at over 300lbs on a 5’2 frame. Caroline turned to food to cope with the physical and emotional abuse she endured as an adolescent, but one trip to the dermatologist to treat dark blotches on her skin changed her life forever. After finding out that she was at high risk for diabetes, she realized that something had to give. Caroline began her weight lossjourney, taking on what she likes to call “A poor man’s diet”, which incorporated cutting out all white foods.  She also had no money at the time to join a gym, so she ditched the bus and walked everywhere.



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