FARRAH ABRAHAM Worried She’s Pregnant again!


Freak of the week Farrah Abraham is so worried James Deen knocked her up while filming their infamous sex tape. But I’m sure this is a lie to keep up buzz about her New Sex Tape. [Click here to view] Anyhow, word is

The former “Teen Mom” star hadn’t had sex in more than a year before James got her … and the duo didn’t wear condoms while filming … and Farrah wasn’t on birth control. Basically all the makings for an after school special.

We’re told Farrah recently missed her period and started freaking out, thinking she was growing a little porn spawn.  So she went shopping for a pregnancy test at her local pharmacy.

Crazy right? But Farrah wants you to pick up a copy of her new book “My Teenage Dream Ended“. I can’t knock her hustle, make sure y’all pick up a copy of my new Book “Million Dollar Pussy” by Dooney the Kid


One thought on “FARRAH ABRAHAM Worried She’s Pregnant again!

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