Allegedly….Madea is GAY!


Well thats the buzz on the streets. A dude named WALTER HAMPTON is running around claiming to have all the details on Mr. Perry and putting the alleged truth out there.

It seems like every other day the media is covering a story about who is Gay. What’s the hype? Let the people live their life in peace.

Back to this Walter Hampton character, who he claimed has been a friend of Tyler Perry for years. Walter claims that when he first met Tyler Perry, he was a FLAMBOYANT GAY MAN. And once Tyler started getting famous he began living in the closet because Tyler’s scared of losing his Black Church following. Bullshit. We all know half of the church congregation is Gay, including the pastor. Ask anyone off 475 Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA.

But here goes some more funny shit. Word is after Walter ran his mouth about Tyler Perry being gay, a week later Walter got jumped. [see photos below]. Calls to Walter camp and he released a lie statement claiming “A glass window fell on me while I was dining at a restaurant in Buckhead”

Once again Walter continue to let his imagining get the best of him, we all know commercial glass is Laminated glass which is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered.

What do you think?









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