Who is Walter Hampton?


Walter is a Queen who likes to hang in East Point, GA. He is also claiming to have relations with Movie writer/producer Tyler Perry. Word is Walter has pissed a few people off which resulted in his face and arm injury. [see lated article] Walter also have a few youtube videos where he share the dirt on Atlanta locals.


You can find Walter Lee Hampton in Mid-Town, GA trying to get discovered. Despite his size, he a soft loving tiddy bear. Walter claim Tyler Perry outed himself  YEARS AGO. Allegedly Tyler was out at the GAY clubs Dancing on the Speakers YEARS before he was. [lol] Walter claim they used to dance at TRAXX together before he became a famous movie producer.

In addition to the madness Ms Sophia claimed Tyler Perry was in the club stealing her shows in which he became famous off the character Medea. Miss. Sophia used to hang off 475 Boulevard NE
Atlanta, GA before becoming famous off V103 as a radio personality. But She is well known in the Gay Community before the fame.

So in conclusion, Walter and Sophia are claiming that Tyler is DL movie producer who own them restitution. Walter was arrest 1/30/2012 for a failure to appear in court. Walter also go by Paul Williams if he owe any of you money. Walter-Hampton_1_mugshot.400x800

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