World Exclusive: Kanye West


Intouch Magazine claiming to have the scoop on Kanye West but got some better dirt on Mr. West secret life!

So I’m having lunch with my source to discuss business and I got a ear full of gossip on some random shit. First it was Walter Hampton this week and now its Kanye West who people are claiming to be gay.

As I drink my Long Island, I’m told that it would make sense for Kanye to just up and move to Pairs. Why you ask? Word is some Good Music artists was flown out to Pairs right after Kim started bitching about the “Time” Kanye and Kim spent together to shut her mouth. Word is The Good Music Artists was flown to Paris to write music with Kanye but it didn’t happen.

I’m told Kanye hung around “Strange looking White People” the entire time they were out there. Pissed, The Good Music artist ended their trip a day early and came back to the states. “Some crazy shit was going on out there. I only saw Kanye one time the whole time I was out there. He wasted my time… Time I could’ve been home with my family” stated the Good Music artist.


I’m also told that just two years ago a well known fashion stylist was invited to a private party and claim to have seen Jay-Z serving another male companion. My source believes that Kanye and Jay-Z were DL lovers and that would explain the fall-out between the two.

If you look closely, what caring father would abandon his future baby mother while she’s pregnant? One who only needs a womb to carry his seed for nine months. Plus if it is true, Kanye a smart man. If something happens to him, his child will be well taken care of regardless.


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