AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! “Toya” and her husband “MempHitz” still shopping their reality TV show

Word is Memphitz is struggling to get his independent record label off the ground. None of his artists have been signed by a major record label, which only adds to the couple’s woes, because Toya is basically supporting the entire family on her tidy income as a female entrepreneur and as a professional baby mama to rapper Lil Wayne. Damn

Toya and her husband are trying to get every major TV network to take a look at their New reality TV demo titled “Mickey and Toya: The Wright Way”, but no one cares for a show with that title. The Title along says “Canceled”. Maybe be a title like “Toya & Memphitz Hustle and Flow” would be more eye grabbing where they tell their story on how Memphitz really beat K. Whatshername ass! lol
I’m also told Toya believes her good friend Tiny has some pull at BET — and she wonders why Tiny doesn’t use that pull to get her show picked up. The was the cause of their first fall out. If you notice, why hasn’t Tiny invited Toya on her new Family show? 
Anyhow, check out the demo and share what you think.

Toya & Memphitz Crazy In Love from theartofcil on Vimeo.

67 thoughts on “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! “Toya” and her husband “MempHitz” still shopping their reality TV show

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