K. Michelle wants you to know: “I Was Gay For Three Months”

K. Michelle was on the Breakfast Club recently and when asked if she every been with a woman, she simply replied “I was gay for three Months”. I hate to say it but I told you so. This story is in connection with that Atlanta Hair Stylist chick I was telling you about the other day when a fight broke out and the police was called.

I have a friend who’s a big fan of K. Michelle but sorry I had to inform her that K. Michelle likes to eat the box and still do. That Three month shit is a complete lie. By my friend reaction I think she would swing that way if she meet the right chick. lol

My Friend and K. Michelle act just alike. Alway running around ATL claiming every dude in view are gay or something is majorly off about the individual. News Flash Hoes… Your crazy ass are the reason you’re single. No man in his right mind will put up with that foolish shit!
K. Michelle was eating the box twice a week at one point, however, that came to an end as soon as she realized that dealing with women was just as much drama as dealing with men. “Chicks are too damn emotional!” she stated. She also stated…
“I have dipped out. I thought I was gay for three months. [What brought you back?] I realized what you men go through. The b—h jumped on my car. I had a new car and she jumped on my car, scratched it up with her shoe and it was a wrap. She wanted to be an actress, but she was always sitting on the couch. I was actually taking care of stuff and paying bills. I was like, “Oh no I’m not used to this. I’m not gay no more.”
This is the same chick Sabrina Peterson beat up in the streets for K. Michelle. The chick was joy riding and K. Michelle called her other man Sabrina to the rescue resulting in a arrest. [click here to see related article]
Check out the interview below….
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