Love&HipHop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 6

I tell ya’ something ain’t right about that girl K.Whatshername. She on that bullshit again and think she can get away with it. In Love&Hiphop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 6 Mimi was invited by her new boyfriend to be the Main Girl in his new video and once K.Whatshername found out that some dude was in the video she started with gossip. You know her favorite line, “He Gay!”

So ole dude over heard her talking shit and he checked her about it. Enough said. I wish a bad bitch would Fuck K.Whatshername up for always running her mouth before the season is over. The rest of the cast go through their woes and all that good shit. See video below. And Shout-Out to Mama D! I like her silly acting ass 🙂


2 thoughts on “Love&HipHop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 6

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