When Will He Make You His Girlfriend?

Why is it so difficult for a woman to get a man to commit? Are men really that picky, that indecisive, that complex that we can’t be locked down? Hell no. The problem is that some women have become so accommodating and submissive to the guys they’re in lust with that they give them the girlfriend experience for free. It’s ironic, females hold all  power and will turn down ten niggas in a row who aren’t their type, but when a guy is her type, she gives up her power and melts in his hand.

I laugh because I been kicking it with a chick for 7 years and still haven’t made her girlfriend status. It’s not difficult to get commitment if you show these men that you aren’t going to lay down, praise his dick, thirst for his love, and cry for his attention. In short, if you want a man to commit, you have to prove you’re not the same as other girls. It sounds simple, but most women can’t show guys they’re above average because they aren’t. There are women who toot their own horn about how better they are than the average chick. Come nightfall she’s sitting in her bed alone, desperate for a text to come through… just like the average chick. How dare you brag about “shitting on hoes” when you can’t even get the nigga you play house with to give up those hoes you claim to shit on? How can you be the “baddest bitch in here” if your phone is filled with goons and losers who duck your calls as soon as you ask for gas money?  If you’re such a five star lotus flower Harajuku boss bitch, then where is your man? Not the dude you fuck, but your actual man? Any woman can find a penis, few can find a man who actually cares. There are single women who made a choice to be single because they are focused on themselves, then there are the pretenders who say its a choice in order to explain why the legendary box she brags about can’t find anyone to claim it. Let’s keep it real, the majority of these women who boast about being special are as captivating as watching a dog shit. Niggas can tell by your instagram pictures the most exciting part of the day is when you eat food. ”Why hasn’t he made me his girlfriend yet?” You haven’t impressed him, duh! If you aren’t getting the results you feel you should, it’s time to stop lying to yourself and get to the root of the problem.


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