Does Bow Wow Still have a thing for Angela Simmons?




So I’m in the studio and I see your boy Bow Wow on 106& Park cheesing harder than ritz crackers. I took a second to see what was different and that annoying voice said it all. Bow Wow still have a thing for Angela Simmons we all can see this. Bow Wow has taken on some new endeavors over these past few months. He has earned a spot as one of the four new hosts on music video show 106 & Park. Yet with the positive things that have been going on for him, his name has been dropped in the rumor mill a time or two for some pretty negative things, talk going around about him being a deadbeat dad and not having his finances in order.

photo-1Angela Simmons a bad bitch minus the voice.cAs far as Bow Wow dating life goes, Bow Wow hasn’t been linked to anyone romantically recently, aside from the gossip bit about him losing his virginity to model Esther Baxter which she denied being true. Looking at his past though, he has had some public unions with other celebrities in the industry including Singer Ciara. Yes Bow Wow like women taller than him! Bow Wow has also been romantically linked to Angela Simmons too as well and spoke on their relationship previously before. While Bow Wow says that he has no intentions of ever dating Ciara again, it looks like Bow Wow doesn’t feel the same way about Angela Simmons as he posted this photo of them together from his Instagram account, drawing comparisons between her and his mother.

Just looking at them on TV tell me they’re still fucking. Angela soft for this man, and he’s hard for her too. Good Job Bow Wow, Just tell her to keep her mouth closed.

2 thoughts on “Does Bow Wow Still have a thing for Angela Simmons?

  1. I love Angela Simmons and Bow Wow together they make a cute couple i wish them the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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