Pants on the ground!

photoDo you feel the breeze? I guess this guy doesn’t. But the real question here is

Why do boys wear pants below their waist?

There is a lot of talk about this trend of guys wearing their pants below the waist and it’s all linked to being “Gay”.

At first I thought nothing of it because some inscure young men thought it was cool to wear their pants this way because rap artist do it. One fan writes:

“we wear our pants like tht as a fashion not 2 be a gay participant tht is not how it is viewed out in the real world !!!! whoever posted the gay stuff must be gay themself to even think tht boys of the age of 10 and younger are doing it 2 show gay participation dumb-a$$”



I disagree. There is nothing fly about wearing your pants below your waist and showing your ass! The look is nasty and tasteless. I see this fuckery all the time, today I just to happen to snap a picture of a fool with no underwear on. WTF?

Word is the whole pants below the¬†waist¬†thing started in prison. It came about when men took on the female role in sex, so they just wore there pants below there waist for easy access. After he got out of prison I’m sure he thought it looked cool or made him look tough, so it just became the trend. Foolishness!

No it doesn’t mean they are gay. Boys and young men just like to wear their pants below their butts cause its the style for some of them. Please just pull your damn pants up. The World will be a better place!


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