What Happened to Heather McGill?

KNXV_Heather_McGill_and_Shadrack_McGill_20130604190805_320_240Have you ever seen Scandal? Well check this out…Heather McGill is the wife of Alabama state senator Shadrack McGill, recently she took to her Facebook page to warn other bitches to not go near her man! Particularly, Mrs. McGill’s warning is directed at them strippers.

Hey Strippers gotta eat too… lol

As Al.com reported:

“During the campaign, we had two strippers come to my house at 1 o’clock in the morning,” Sen. McGill said. He said the women were beating on the door.

“Me and my wife both got up to address the situation. They did inform me that they were strippers at a particular club in Huntsville,” Sen. McGill said. He declined to name the women’s place of employment, or to speculate about why the women came to his door. (He did, jokingly, say they were there due to “car trouble.”)

Ya’ll seen “Snapped.” Please Stay away from this woman Husband until after the NBA Finals! lol


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