FanMail: Dollar & A Dream Tour



J Cole is in Atlanta and his fans are standing in heat stroke weather just to see him. J Cole is a having a exclusive concert starting at 8pm tonight for only a $1.00. My only question is Will you be inside?
I like J cole music but there is no way in hell I would stand inline since 8 this morning waiting to get inside his Dollar & A Dream Tour. It was 80 degree before 11am and it’s 95 degrees now, No sir! Fans ranging from 16 to 60 years old are standing outside waiting thirstily for security to open the door so they can get to cool air.

Paramedics are circling the block waiting on the heat next victim. I’m sure the line for the restroom will be just as long once inside.

As if J. Cole fans weren’t excited enough for the summer, the North Carolina rapper announces the “Dollar & A Dream Tour”.

The roc nation signee teamed up with D’USSE, a newly-introduced cognac, to bring fans a one of a kind show, charging fans only a dollar for a ticket .

Unlike most concerts, tickets to Cole’s various tour stops will only be made available onsite at the concert venue on a first come, first serve basis. Venue locations for each city will be announced via social media the day of the show.

Show dates below:

June 11 – Miami, FL

June 12 – Atlanta, GA

June 13 – Baltimore, MD

June 14 – Boston, MA

June 20 – Washington, D.C.

June 21 – Philadelphia, PA

June 23 – Chicago, IL

June 24 – Houston, TX

June 25 – Detroit, MI

June 26 – Toronto, ON

Have fun….



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