BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Ludacris got that ass Beat!

13712977164a46155d34920Word is that Luda owed a man some money over beats . . . and dude decided to CONFRONT LUDA in the club about it. But he actually didn’t confront anyone – he just BUSSED LUDA WITH A BOTTLE.

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Forever to be a Ratchet Hoe


In the past week I’ve seen the holy trinity of ratchetness. From Campbellton to Candler Road ratchetness is at a all time high this summer! We all like to laugh at videos and instances of people taking it to the extreme ratchet, but how many of you can honestly say that you don’t do shit just as ignorant on a regular basis? Making fun of girls who get pregnant, but you’ve had the “fuck once with a condom, after that we can go raw” mentality since high school. Accusing people of having funky attitudes, when you constantly eye roll, and respond to conflict with other women with “you look like–” insult jokes and to relationship drama with “sowhatsowhatsowhat!!! But you with me tho!” immaturity. Not all ratchets can easily be pointed out by the leopard print and drawn on eyebrows, and a lot of you calling someone else ratchet is like Akon cracking on Flava Flav for beingdarkskin. Continue reading

It’s A Girl!!!!!


Kim Kardashian Gives Birth To Baby Girl while her Boyfriend Kanye West gets surprise early Father’s Day gift as baby reportedly arrives five weeks early. The baby wasn’t due for another five weeks, but rumors that Kardashian was ready to go into labor early started to swirl after West cancelled a promotional appearance for his forthcoming album, Yeezus, Friday night to be with his pregnant girlfriend who was feeling a “bit off.” TMZ reportsWest was in the delivery room at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for the birth. Continue reading