Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 9 – Damaged And Deranged

“Check this out, we don’t have no deal,” says Stevie. Joseline isn’t trying to hear it. “Maybe if you stop chasing p—y around town you could get my deals to go through the correct way.” And she can’t fathom how he can even have sex with other women since she has sex with him for 20 hours straight. “Your d— not raw?” Stevie’s had enough and walks out with his Kanye backpack.

Since Stevie and his main chick have called it quits, it’s back to Mimi. But before getting back in Mimi’s good graces he hits up her BFF Ariane to find out what’s going on. Stevie tells Ariane he’s genuinely happy for Mimi if Mimi’s happy. Ariane doesn’t believe him. “So why the f— are you here?” she asks. Ariane goes back and forth with Stevie on his manipulative ways and whether or not he’s a good guy as he claims. “You hurt my friend,” Ariane said. “You hurt her hard.” Ariane is moved to tears. That finger is in his face wagging like crazy. In her moment of emotion she slips and tells him that Mimi’s not really happy. That was just what Stevie needed to gas him to plot his next move that will land him back in Mimi’s arms.

[Click HERE to view the video]



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