Justin Bieber orders extra condoms jellybeans from hotel room service:LOL


These are photos of Justin Bieber last week while he was leaving Kanye West’s Yeezuslistening party. Dude was trying to go incognito by hiding behind the sweaty jacket belonging to a member of his entourage, which is pretty disgusting.

Speaking of gross, it’s been awhile since we’ve received a reminder that Justin Bieber does the unthinkable by having sex. I mean, he’s obviously got the right to get busy, but we don’t like to think about it happening, right? Well, today is your unlucky day because Life & Style has published a story that says Justin is really fond of requestingcondoms at hotels. He’s all about phoning the front desk and asking for extra “intimacy kits.” Who knows if he really puts these kits to good (or bad) use, but now the image is totally stuck in your head too. You’re very welcome:




So the question remains — does Justin actually make use of these “intimacy kits,” or is he simply sending the message to Selena Gomez that he’s moved on from their relationship just like she has done? Kaiser, CB, and myself were all grossing out about this story last night, but I think we should all just be grateful that Bieber is (theoretically) wrapping it up and not putting more little Biebers into this world. After all, that would mean adding a second car seat into his vehicle plus extra diapers, etc.

Oh, and Bieber just released his third perfume of doom, which is called The Key.Biebs promises the new scent “will unlock a personal side of me [my fans] never seen before, bringing us closer than ever.” Save it, kiddo.



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