Get your Mama…


I said this before and I will say this again, you get the quality of man you deserve. Show a hoodrat anigga with a job and watch how quickly her pussy dries up. A dude working at H&R block, no kids, and driving an Altima has been trying to take you out to dinner for months, and you see him as thirsty. Let Reddz with the house arrest anklet, whose still serving rocks in front of his mother’s crib, say, “damn girl, bout time you getn’ ass”, and your heart skips a beat. One dude is telling you you’re pretty the other one is play wrestling with you because you got a smart mouth—we all know who’s going to get the pussy first.You’re attracted to basic men because you like to be treated basic… like them ugly ass shoes above. The goon who thinks courting you is telling you, “I bet that pussy smell like water,” is going to embed himself deep in your heart because that’s the kind of mannish person you desire the most. He’s rough around the edges, always saying smart shit, but he gives you that excitement and attention your ratchet ass thrives on. Drama is like KY jelly to hoodrats, give her a drop and you can slide right in. Stop lying to yourself, the glue from your milky way did not scramble your brains, you know damn well you’re afraid to have a conversation with a lawyer, and feel more comfortable talking to the nigga he represents. If you want a goon, get yourself a goon, there is nothing wrong with that, them niggas need love too. My beef is with the girls who complain about all they attract are thugs and ain’t shit men, as if they do not have a choice in the matter. How you act determines who you attract. You’re at a Mayweather fight party with a bright yellow skirt that’s an inch away from showing your birth canal, that’s not how you attract the Pediatrician in attendance. A true gentleman is going to be afraid of you. Your type usually comes complete with body glitter and crumpled up dollar bills. If he wanted to fuck a stripper, he would wait until closing time and kick out the $150. Why bother with the hoodrat conversation you’re going to give him, when all you represent is sex and ignorance? “I’m sexy as fuck, what successful man wouldn’t want me?” Plenty obviously, if the only guys you constantly pull don’t drive and think a proper birthday gift is offering to go Dutch on some Red Lobster. Rats want any male attention, that’s why they wear the brightest most exposing shit, and mistake eyeballs for accolades. If you want to be taken seriously, not just gawked at, know the difference between trashy and classy. Getting hoodrat sexy, no matter how nice your body is, will always alert the wrong type of man. Thugs are going to fight to see who gets to sit next to you at the party because a bad bitch flashing her freshly Naired vagina is exactly who he wants to be his next baby mama.


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