K. Michelle new hairdo

photoI had to pause for a minute to take a look at K.Whathername new look. I love it! It really fits her personally. I know you all can’t wait to see what this fool will do next. But until then you have the picture above to stare at.

Mimi‘s not mad at Ariane for the blowout argument everyone was involved in at her video shoot. When they meet to talk about the incident Mimi only wants to know where everyone’s head was that they would ruin her moment.

Mimi has known that K.Michelle can blow a fuse fast, but now she’s starting to think perhaps K is the problem. “Let’s look at every time we go somewhere,” she said. “It’s always something. That’s why I exploded and blew the f— up.” Mimi has a point. From Erica‘s engagement party to Mimi’s housewarming K.Michelle is always ready to rumble. Ariane explains her perspective for snapping and tells Mimi to know she should’ve chosen her friend over a man. “I’m not f—–g K.Michelle,” Mimi said. “Never gonna happen.” Will a trip to NYC mend their friendship? Tune in Monday at 8PM ET/PT to see how it all unfolds.



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