Paula Deen Paid One of her Black Employees with beer instead of Cash

pauladeenbeeremployeesSheldon J. Ervin was an oyster cook at Bubba’s Oyster House for 2 years starting in 2008 and he filed an Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity complaint against Paula Deen and her brother Bubba, because he claims he was forced to work private events and he wasn’t paid with cash. He was paid with beer. Paula is totally like that friend who gives you a six pack of Pabst to help them move. Only Paula will make you wear a white suit and tap dance while doing so.

Sheldon tells Radar that he and other employees regularly worked private events at Paula’s mansion in Savannah and she rarely paid them with cash. Sheldon says that the Baroness of Butter’s white master dream of seeing an event where black men serve guests while wearing white suits came true several times. Sheldon says that Paula threw a graduation party for someone once and made him and other black employees wear a white chef jacket and black pants. If they didn’t own a white chef jacket, Paula’s people gave them money to go out and buy one. Sheldon said:

“I didn’t want to wear it because it was burning hot outside, but Miss Paula insisted. Paula had us all stationed at a few shady spots in the yard. She wanted us all to stay in one spot. We weren’t allowed to move. They didn’t want us to interact or anything. They just wanted us to sit there and serve everyone and not say anything. Paula and Bubba just gave us beer and alcohol and I don’t even drink. She knew I had just gotten married. I had a baby on the way. I needed the money and I was the only one to step up and complain over it because half of the kitchen just needed their jobs. I was fired over it in the end because I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

I’m so happy that this has finally come. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

If that isn’t enough lard-based fuckery to clog up your arteries, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that one of her former black employees claims that she always referred to them as her “little monkey.”

Since Paula bailed on Today last week, she’s going to make it up to them this Wednesday by talking to Matt Lauer about getting dropped by The Food Network. Of course they’d let Matt Lauer’s easy ass interview her. I wish they’d just drop her in the middle of Al Roker and Tamron Hall and let them stare her down for an hour straight.

When it rains buttery racism, it pours buttery racism. I have a feeling this is only the beginning. But I am surprised that Paula Deen paid them with beer and alcohol. You’d think Paula would pay them with Kool-Aid and malt liquor. And I bet she paid her white employees with her currency of choice: butter.


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