Meet Tron


If your wondering who Tron is… He’s the one on the left. TLC’s Chilli & T-Boz took a break from consulting for their new VH1 biopic yesterday evening to attend a “Fast & Furious 6 “red carpet event.  The two ladies were all smiles as they arrived with Chilli’s son Tron. These kids grow up so fast! This year he will be 16 years old. Other celebs spotted on the scene include Ludacris, radio personality Egypt Sherrod, Big Boi and Jermaine Dupri.



But the main caption here is his hair. Why would his mother allow this?… never-mind, Dallas Austin where the hell are you? Come get your SON! Tron father is Dallas Austin who is an American songwriter, record producer, and musician, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of his most notable clients include Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Madonna just to name a few.


Who ever style his hair need to reach out to Beyonce! Children’s hair is delicate and needs a gentle touch. Just For Me! hair care products clean and moisturize your child’s hair, reducing breakages and tenderly eases tangles. You want a lifetime of healthy hair for your child – Just For Me! is just what you are looking for! lol



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