Meet Sergeant Campbellton


This man claim to be an retired FireFighter. You can find him directing traffic and trying to steal your belongings if you’re parked at a store near by. In 90 degree weather Sergeant Campbellton is prepared for any disaster with his super armor. Watch Sergeant Cambellton direct firefighters to their call inside.

First_Responders_billboard_wideNow if Sergeant Campbellton story checks out, one come very much believe him after viewing the story above.Ā Leaders of the city’s unions representing first responders met with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed last week and the parties are expected to sit down again this week. Reed has promised to meet with city union leaders to discuss pay raises.

Last week the group, made up of of City of Atlanta police, firefighters, dispatchers and civilian employees campaigned for a pay raise by advertising their message on a billboard in northwest Atlanta, which read “First to respond, last to get paid.”

The sign also noted the city council received a 52 percent pay increase.

Reed presented the city of Atlanta police and firefighters with a 1 percent pay increase in May, but the group is looking for at least a 5 percent pay increase.

Reed announced a proposal to increase the salaries of all city classified employees by 3 percent in the fiscal year 2014 budget. Reed’s recommendation calls for a 1 percent salary increase for all city employees making less than $60,000 a year.

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