Between me and you

Three-ways-unemployment-black-family-thumb-400xauto-5137The emails I get from married women aren’t all about cheating, they are often about a man’s mother or sibling putting their noses where it doesn’t belong. Mama’s boys getting their Lil Scrappy on don’t seem to understand that being married isn’t a group sport, and that it’s not appropriate to bring someone in to “get your side of the story”. Fellas, when we get frustrated we want to reach for a co-signer, someone who will see things our way and prove that we’re in the right. This is the big leagues, husbands don’t call Mommy or God sister for backup! Furthermore, if your wife is the one who feels a need to let her besties or church choir members know every detail of your marriage, you need to shut that down. When you’re single and dating you lean on others to give you advice, but you’ve made that jump and the biggest survival test is the ability to work things out as a couple. It’s okay to talk about certain things with those close to you, but do not blab about every hiccup like one of those Basicas on Facebook who feel a need to put their man on blast one day then praise his greatness the next, you look like idiots. Realize that you both will get angry and you both will need a cool off period, if you put someone in the middle every time you’re pissed all they see is the constant drama. A lot of these so called friends have ulterior motives and would love to see you end in divorce. Happiness isn’t contagious, it enrages those who don’t have anyone. If she goes to an undercover hater for support or you go to someone who wants you to be with another girl for advice, they will continuously put the jealousy bug in your ears and cause even more friction. Anyone outside of a therapist or counselor type can’t be trusted to be unbiased.


One thought on “Between me and you

  1. Well said!!! Ive learned the hard way that problems with the couples should stay between the two even if you sometimes feel like having someone hear you out

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