Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 13


Kirk is a fool. But hey, this is show biz! Click the image to view video

kirk-frostThis week on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, it’s all about taking matters into your own hands. Everyone has their issues and their own ways to deal with them, and for some, that means resolving old relationship issues, for others it means buying engagement rings, and for still others, it means running over a $7,000 dirt bike.Mimi can tell that her girl Rasheeda is down and out over her relationship, so she invites her over to talk and get a sense of what’s up. Rasheeda doesn’t stutter. She doesn’t get how they got to this place in their relationship because she explains “I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do as a woman.” Having sex with her man (clearly, since she’s prego), holding the house down, and still, Kirk strays just for a night of fun at the lake.

“I mean, come ON,” Mimi says. “I can’t believe Kirk is taking a left turn. This is crazy.” Mimi knows because she’s been in this same position that these men have the ability to make the women feel like the cheating is their fault, and that’s where Rasheeda is right now. Mimi does her best to console her friend and convince her it is not her fault. “Why is it that men can step out on you and make you feel like you did something wrong?” Mimi asks. It’s a question with no answer. Certainly not one that will make Rasheeda feel better right now.


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