Seen Better Vs Meet Better

thirst-5There is always someone who looks better than the next person in certain respects. Jay-Z knows that his beach is better, but you would be a fool if you think he stopped sneaking looks at other women the moment he got serious with King Bey. Mature men understand that new works of art pop up every day, and even if we don’t want to take them home, we can’t help but smile at the thought. You hear immature niggas say dumb shit like, “If I could put her face on her body, that’swifey!” That won’t solve anything, because there will always be a new face they would want to put on a new body a year from now, it never ends. What that means for females is that you can buy all the tight fitting leggings in the world and get your boobs done, but it doesn’t matter. A man will always have seen better or will see better. A woman filled with confidence knows that her true attractiveness has nothing to do with basic shit like pushing titties up or sewing in hair from Pakimalashastan. With or without those highlights, great women KNOW they are great. A woman who clings on to, “Check my shoe game, tell me I’m not bad” is trying to compensate, she needs bullshit to pump herself up because her self-esteem isn’t good enough. All men will see better, but to be the one who he talks to and realizes, “I’m never going to meet better,” is checkmate. Of course your image is important,niggas can’t beat off to how accurate you answer questions during the Double Jeopardy round, but the other part of the package is what separates you from the rest. Conversation, personality, wit, intelligence—you ain’t got these cus they don’t sell them at the mall!

Those of you out here running after these assholes aren’t in love with the man, you’re in love with that approval. You want someone you see as sexy to co-sign that you too are sexy as well. Let an ugly guy tell you you’re beautiful, you’d shake that shit off like a roach crawled on you. You don’t want his compliments, not because they’re fake, because it doesn’t boost your weak self-esteem the same way a Chris Brown saying it would. Stop being just another one of these rats running on the wheel trying tochase a prize that you think will complete you. He’s handsome, he’s an athlete, he’s rich, he’s Kryptonian, those men will eat you up, spit you out, and ignore your texts because you haven’t shown him that you are anything new beneath the sun. In the end you have to drop all the bravado and ask yourself who you really are, not what you do, what you wear, where you’ve been, or who you know—who the fuck are you as an individual, and why would any man of substance want to be around you after his dick goes soft?



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