What Happened to Porsha Williams?

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Porsha
(formerly Porsha Stewart) is about that life! Porsha pulled a
gangster move after reportedly beating-up former cast member and turned herself
in to Atlanta police yesterday after fellow cast member Kenya Moore
filed a bogus assault and battery charge on her. (side eye)

Let us remind you, both of these chicks collect
paychecks from the same employer (Bravo TV) who requires the occasional drama if
the cast wishes to keep their Full-time jobs. I guess the Atlanta PD aren’t
aware these shows are scripted? (News Flash the police report is not real)
Kenya called the police two weeks ago after the fight happened and filed a report.
Tonight, Williams turned herself in, got her mug shot taken and left on a $2,000 bond, according to APD. (Thank you, my fellow AJC staffer Alexis Stevens for making the call.)
She was charged with a misdemeanor battery. I presume a fine is in order and maybe a few hours of community service.
Insiders say Kenya goaded Porsha with attacks on her broken marriage and Porsha cracked. And as trailers show, Kenya used props: a scepter and a bullhorn. Ultimately, it’s much ado about nothing relatively speaking but it’s reality ratings gold for Bravo.

TMZ broke the story. TMZ has broken
virtually all Porsha-related stories the past year. Folks are obviously
gleefully feeding them the info for $$$ because the site pays for information.


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