Does Dick Make Women Crazy?

Crazy-As-Hell-Black-GirlAll men have stories about seemingly normal girls flipping out, it’s almost like a pissing contest to sit around and tell each other the craziest story. The more extreme her ratchet behavior is, the more kudos you get at the barbershop for being that nigga that has these hoes acting out of character. The thing that frustrates me is that women continue to play the role of comic relief knowing that acting out will always be in vain. In the history of the world there has never been a case of psychotic behavior being used to make a person fall in love. Call a dozen times, text a dozen more, scream with anger, cry tears of frustration, none of that will solve the “Like me like I like you” dilemma.


“If you fuck with me, you’ll eventually return my call with a good reason. If you don’t fuck with me you won’t return my call. I won’t lose sleep either way.” –Men

Good dick causes temporary insanity in women, but ignoring them can cause permanent psychosis. Penis isn’t rare, and conversation isn’t expensive, so why would a boss bitch wait by the phone for one guy to call her back? It’s always raining men in Spartan Country. But NC, it’s hard to let go without knowing what went wrong, I don’t want to keep making the same mistakes. You’re a woman, not a weave, you don’t need closure! You can ask that nigga a million times why he grew bored of you and it won’t make you feel better because the answer will always end in “You weren’t good enough for me.” You don’t live your life to be good enough for men, you live for self, and if your ass isn’t phat enough, your hair isn’t straight enough, or your personality isn’t exciting enough for a particular man, oh well! They didn’t stop making wedding bands after he was born, there will be another!

You don’t agree?

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