Iphone 6 not available until 2015


The word is a larger version of the next-generation iPhone (Iphone6) is expected to come with a slimmer battery, but complications related to finding the right size could delay the launch of the model to as late as 2015. (I’m sick). My iPhone5 receiver went bad and is cost $150 to fix. (No way). I’m waiting on the upgrade.

Apple’s iPhone 6 could arrive in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variations this year, but those clamoring for the latter may have to hold their breath a bit longer. According to Taiwan’s Commercial Times, the purported phablet-sized iPhone could be delayed a year due to battery production issues.

As pointed out by Cnet, battery manufacturers are having a hard time crafting a battery that would fit within the thin frame Apple wants for its 5.5-incher. According to the Commercial Times, the larger iPhone 6 would require a battery that is a maximum of 2 millimeters thick, whereas the average battery sits at 2.8 millimeters.

Stepping into the 5.5-inch space would represent Apple’s first foray into larger handsets (a.k.a “phablets”). Samsung kicked off the bigger smartphone market in 2011 when it announced the original 5.3-inch Galaxy Note phone. Other manufacturers such as HTC, Nokia and LG rolled out similar sizes soon afterward.

It’s also rumored that the iPhone 6 may get a bump up in price by $100. (Damitman)

source: yahoo.com

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