Does Dick Make Women Crazy?

Crazy-As-Hell-Black-GirlAll men have stories about seemingly normal girls flipping out, it’s almost like a pissing contest to sit around and tell each other the craziest story. The more extreme her ratchet behavior is, the more kudos you get at the barbershop for being that nigga that has these hoes acting out of character. The thing that frustrates me is that women continue to play the role of comic relief knowing that acting out will always be in vain. In the history of the world there has never been a case of psychotic behavior being used to make a person fall in love. Call a dozen times, text a dozen more, scream with anger, cry tears of frustration, none of that will solve the “Like me like I like you” dilemma. Continue reading

Between me and you

Three-ways-unemployment-black-family-thumb-400xauto-5137The emails I get from married women aren’t all about cheating, they are often about a man’s mother or sibling putting their noses where it doesn’t belong. Mama’s boys getting their Lil Scrappy on don’t seem to understand that being married isn’t a group sport, and that it’s not appropriate to bring someone in to “get your side of the story”. Fellas, when we get frustrated we want to reach for a co-signer, someone who will see things our way and prove that we’re in the right. Continue reading

Seen Better Vs Meet Better

thirst-5There is always someone who looks better than the next person in certain respects. Jay-Z knows that his beach is better, but you would be a fool if you think he stopped sneaking looks at other women the moment he got serious with King Bey. Mature men understand that new works of art pop up every day, and even if we don’t want to take them home, we can’t help but smile at the thought. You hear immature niggas say dumb shit like, “If I could put her face on her body, that’swifey!” That won’t solve anything, because there will always be a new face they would want to put on a new body a year from now, it never ends. What that means for females is that you can buy all the tight fitting leggings in the world and get your boobs done, but it doesn’t matter. A man will always have seen better or will see better. Continue reading

Kid turns T-shirt into dress



For you creative kids who are tied of waiting on your parents to buy you new cloths, simple take your old t-shirts and make a new outfit. You know how the cycle goes: You wear your old clothes until they wear out, and your kids grow so fast that they often can’t wear them out before the clothes are too small. There has to be a happy medium in the middle somewhere, right? Continue reading

Shittin’me! Monica Doesn’t Believe in Court-Ordered Child Support


That’s what they all say until that money show up late. Monica offered her hood logic about child support and the court system during a conversation with Jermaine Dupri. The chat was a part of JD’s “Living The Life Series.” For the record, Mo doesn’t go for the term “baby mama.”

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Having trouble getting your Apple device to mirror to your TV?

I recently purchased Apple TV but mirroring won’t i Pad 2 and the apple TV’s softwares are up to date. Only airplay works. I have two I pad2s. Mirroring won’t play in neither one. Mirroring is the only reason that I bought a Apple TV. I may return it to Best Buy unless mirroing works. Actually morriring icon DOES NOT EXISTS. I FEEL LIKE I HAVE Original iPad or iPhone 4. We Got The Fix!

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THE WORLD braces for death of Nelson Mandela

Nelson-Mandela-9397017-1-402Officials in Washington and around the world are bracing for the death of longtime civil rights leader and former South African President Nelson Mandela, who is hospitalized again in serious condition for a lung condition. His aides have asked for prayers.

“It looks bad,” said one U.S. official who added: “Washington is keeping a close eye on the former leader and civil rights hero.” Continue reading

Putting you up on Game: How to Compete with Hoes

I know you’re like “ain’t nobody got time for that!” but if you have time to read our blog you have time for us to put you up game. I’m sick of you broke-down tired birds running around man because you can’t get or keep a man attention long enough before some Hoe come marching in and run off with the dude you was so in love with. got your solutions inside. Continue reading