Iphone 6 not available until 2015


The word is a larger version of the next-generation iPhone (Iphone6) is expected to come with a slimmer battery, but complications related to finding the right size could delay the launch of the model to as late as 2015. (I’m sick). My iPhone5 receiver went bad and is cost $150 to fix. (No way). I’m waiting on the upgrade. Continue reading

Meet Sergeant Campbellton


This man claim to be an retired FireFighter. You can find him directing traffic and trying to steal your belongings if you’re parked at a store near by. In 90 degree weather Sergeant Campbellton is prepared for any disaster with his super armor. Watch Sergeant Cambellton direct firefighters to their call inside. Continue reading

Look at your Mama


Why somebody mama got her grandkids sitting on a Barber shop’s nasty floor rubbing in between her toes!?!? Granny had small feet, maybe size 6 or 6 1/2. She was either barefoot or wearing a pair of ragged old slippers all the time. The kids secretly smell her slippers when she kicked them off. I’m sure they always smelled slightly funky, too strong. Granny don’t care of the sweat feel of the slippers and the imprints of her sweaty and often dirty feet in the slippers. By the look on the kids faces, they can still remember how awful they smelled! Continue reading

Lil Snupe’s Alleged Killer Tony Holden Turns Himself in to Police



The man who is believed to have shot and killed Louisiana rapper Lil Snupe has reportedly surrendered to authorities and has been booked into the local jail. According to ABC News, 36-year-old Tony Holden was booked into the Winnfield city jail Tuesday (Jun 25) on charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Continue reading

Bout that Life: Man Waiting in Line to Buy LeBron’s New Sneaker Shoots Robber


The new Nike LeBron X EXT “Denim” was released Saturday morning at a few stores in the Atlanta area, and it is already knocking ‘em dead — literally.

The line started forming at 5:30 a.m. outside Wish urban clothing store in Little 5 Points near Atlanta Saturday morning. Atlanta police told Channel 2 Action News that a pick pocket tried to rob the people waiting in line.

That’s when a man got out of the line, pulled a gun and shot the robber, then returned to his place in line. Continue reading