Iphone 6 not available until 2015


The word is a larger version of the next-generation iPhone (Iphone6) is expected to come with a slimmer battery, but complications related to finding the right size could delay the launch of the model to as late as 2015. (I’m sick). My iPhone5 receiver went bad and is cost $150 to fix. (No way). I’m waiting on the upgrade. Continue reading

Having trouble getting your Apple device to mirror to your TV?

I recently purchased Apple TV but mirroring won’t play..my i Pad 2 and the apple TV’s softwares are up to date. Only airplay works. I have two I pad2s. Mirroring won’t play in neither one. Mirroring is the only reason that I bought a Apple TV. I may return it to Best Buy unless mirroing works. Actually morriring icon DOES NOT EXISTS. I FEEL LIKE I HAVE Original iPad or iPhone 4. We Got The Fix!

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