Hip Hop Power Couple Touring in a City near you this summer

Hip hop’s royal couple Jay-z and Beyonce
plans to announce a 20-stadium US tour that will start in late June — and that
it’s possible the couple could perform in New York on July 4.

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Drake’s Dad Leaks ‘Nothing’ Tracklisting on Twitter

Word is Drake pops leak his up coming album track list on Twitter earlier today, but know the entertainment business this shit probably was planned. You just never know when it comes to entertainer these days. They will do what they have to do to keep you interested. Like making ugly ass cloths, Kissing another man, leaking naked photos or even faking their own death. Continue reading

What Happened To Beyonce?


On her trip to cuba and the backlash she and Jay-Z received
You know, it was such a beautiful trip. I met some incredible children. I visited some incredible entrepreneurs. And it was really, it was really educational for me. I learned so much about so many people and the country, and it was actually quite shocking. Continue reading