Study: Children Start Watching Porn at Age 6.

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tween on computer
Teens are also flocking to websites that allow hate speech. (Wikimedia Commons)
Kids start watching porn online from as early as the age of 6—and are flirting on the Internet from the age of 8—according to a Bitdefender marketing study of over 19,000 parents worldwide.

The antivirus company’s marketing research shows that the age of kids accessing instant messaging and computer games is decreasing. Some 3.45 percent of children chatting with friends via instant message and 2 percent of computer game addicts are 5 years old.

Bitdefender also reveals some children lie about their age when creating social network profiles, especially on Facebook, where they must be at least 13 to sign up. Almost a quarter of the kids in the study had at least one social network account at age 12, while 17 percent were social media users at age 10.

“Kids nowadays are acting like young adults online—just give them…

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