Does Dick Make Women Crazy?

Crazy-As-Hell-Black-GirlAll men have stories about seemingly normal girls flipping out, it’s almost like a pissing contest to sit around and tell each other the craziest story. The more extreme her ratchet behavior is, the more kudos you get at the barbershop for being that nigga that has these hoes acting out of character. The thing that frustrates me is that women continue to play the role of comic relief knowing that acting out will always be in vain. In the history of the world there has never been a case of psychotic behavior being used to make a person fall in love. Call a dozen times, text a dozen more, scream with anger, cry tears of frustration, none of that will solve the “Like me like I like you” dilemma. Continue reading

Between me and you

Three-ways-unemployment-black-family-thumb-400xauto-5137The emails I get from married women aren’t all about cheating, they are often about a man’s mother or sibling putting their noses where it doesn’t belong. Mama’s boys getting their Lil Scrappy on don’t seem to understand that being married isn’t a group sport, and that it’s not appropriate to bring someone in to “get your side of the story”. Fellas, when we get frustrated we want to reach for a co-signer, someone who will see things our way and prove that we’re in the right. Continue reading

When Will He Make You His Girlfriend?

Why is it so difficult for a woman to get a man to commit? Are men really that picky, that indecisive, that complex that we can’t be locked down? Hell no. The problem is that some women have become so accommodating and submissive to the guys they’re in lust with that they give them the girlfriend experience for free. It’s ironic, females hold all  power and will turn down ten niggas in a row who aren’t their type, but when a guy is her type, she gives up her power and melts in his hand. Continue reading

Looking to Get Married? I know a affordable wedding planner in atlanta

His Creative Daughter
“Creating those special memories”a10dd0_a6446d8f3512b7f26b361aceba16823c.jpg_srz_570_315_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

His Creative Daughter is a affordable wedding planner. His Creative Daughter was formed after the owner and CEO planned her 21st birthday and realized the passion she had for creating fabulous events. Her birthday left such a lasting impression that she decided that she wanted to start creating fabulous events for other people. Continue reading